PARK JUNG MIN Featuring Romeo 1st Malaysia Showcase

PARK JUNG MIN Featuring Romeo 1st Malaysia Showcase

Member of famous K-Pop boy band SS501 – Park Jung Min has confirmed having his 1st Solo Southeast Asia “Dual Personality” showcase in Malaysia. New Pro Star Sdn Bhd and PMP Entertainment jointly organizing this showcase on 12th October 2013 (Saturday) at Star Stage, Level 15 @ KWC Fashion Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

Park Jung Min declared solo in early 2011 and had released his debut solo mini album《Not Alone》. Three months later, he released a duo language (Korean and Japanese) album named《The, Park Jung Min》and received good response. Then, he returned to Korea to continue his music career as ‘Park Jung Min’ and released his first self-produced single album entitled 《Beautiful》. From the conceptualizing the album, songs selection, to producing sound recordings is all directed by himself. Given with design talent, he also visualizes the music video and album cover. He is being described as versatile.

Besides singing career, in 2009 Park Jung Min has made his musical debut in 《Grease》as “Danny Park” and with his superb acting skills he was awarded as “Best New Musical Talent” by the Golden Ticket Awards. In 2011, he joined the Taiwan showbiz and did his first idol drama “Fondant Garden”. He also sang the Chinese soundtrack “Bad Man” and this successfully drives Park Jung Min’s popularity in Taiwan.

Park Jung Min debuted in Japan using the name ‘Romeo’ and had released two albums, named 《Give Me Your Heart》and《Tonight’s The Night》. ‘Romeo’ will unleash a different side of Park Jung Min which is the hidden side of him, also primarily about Japanese fantasy and dreams. In December 2012, he released a full Japanese album named《Midnight Theatre》and had ranked first in the famous online sales and record stores TSUTAYA.

Beginning of this year, Park Jung Min had eight consecutive <Park Jung Min VS ROMEO Theatrical Tour 2013> “dual personality” concert tours in Japan. The entire concert’s concept was divided into day and night session, daytime performances by  Park Jung Min who gave the most realistic and the most charming stage performances;  and the evening performances by a completely different personality of the glamorous ROMEO, showing the dark side of his bold qualities and making this tour a successful momentary story.

Now, the Malaysian organizers have decided to bring Park Jung Min “dual personality” tide into Malaysia, so that Malaysian fans are able to witness Park Jung Min and ROMEO’s singing with the double fascination. For this coming showcase in Malaysia, Park Jung Min’s performances will be a focused version of <Park Jung Min VS Romeo> which definitely have a promising new experience showcase. Besides, Park Jung Min will also be having close interaction with his fans through games and activities!

All the tickets will be available through the official ticketing agent TicketCharge except for the VVIP ticket sale that will be conducted by New Pro Star. There are 4 categories of ticket, as below:




RM 390


RM 290

Zone A

RM 190

Zone B

RM 120

For those who purchase VVIP, VIP, Zone A tickets can top up a RM100 for a photo taking pass (10 person in a group photo with Park Jung Min). The limited Photo Taking Passes are available based on a first come first serve basis. Good news is that, there is Fun-filled autograph session with Park Jung Min that will be conducted on the next day (13th October 2013) at Paradigm Mall, all VVIP and VIP tickets holder can also top up a RM100 for the autograph pass.

For more information about ticket launch, please contact, TicketCharge: +603-9222 8811 / or New Pro Star: +603-7960 0779 /

Source: TicketCharge

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