Mr Perfect Lee Seung Gi Charms fans in Singapore

Returning to Singapore for his second fanmeet “The Brilliant Show” organised by Faith & D Entertainment, South Korean multi entertainer Lee Seung Gi warmly greeted his local and international fans at the open press conference at Bugis+ on 6th September 2013.

ImageThe moment he stepped on stage, Lee Seung Gi greeted his fans in English, Japanese and even tried his hand at a little Tagalog – saying “mahal kita” to squeals of delight. Commenting that he seems to have more fans there than the last visit, Lee Seung Gi went on to share that he will be returning to the variety scene with new show “Backpacking Project 2” helmed by producer Na Young-Seok of reality show “1 night, 2 days” fame.

ImageVoted the best travel mate, Lee Seung Gi the foodie, listed searching the internet for recommended eateries before each trip as his number one priority. The brainy celebrity who holds a degree in International Trade and Commerce, affirmed his love for good food when he mentioned that he would set up a chilli pepper crab restaurant in Singapore if he ever forays into the business world. When fans said they have the recipe for chili crab, Lee Seung Gi cheekily gestured for them to share it with him, earning him more screams of adoration.

When asked which female idol group he would like to work with, Lee Seung Gi shyly laughed as he admitted to not having given it much thought. On being a good husband, he shares that he wants to be the kind of husband who would place the family first. Displaying his down to earth nature, he mentions that a simple and normal wedding like everyone else would be his choice.

ImagePerfect man, Lee Seung Gi also shared treasuring his new belongings too much as his bad habit. Thereafter he answered “Maybe nothing” when asked about a bad habit he cannot stand in a girl, maintaining his status as the ideal man to his fans. This ideal man would probably need a brave other half as he confessed that he is actually terrified of ghosts. It was a coincidence then that he has starred in two dramas related to gumiho, a supernatural being, and mentions that the unique fantasy storyline was what attracted him to star in “Gu Family Book” despite his fear of the supernatural.

Wanting to be closer to his fans, Lee Seung Gi mentions that he would like to hold fanmeets in various Asian countries – Malaysia being one of them. So keep a lookout for this perfect man!

Article and photo by Blushwax

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