From KBS…한국방송공 …(Korea Broadcasting System), a leader in broadcasting culture, the biggest out of the 4 major South Korean TV network … here comes Ricky Kim, starring in RFC 2013 as an adventurer & co-driver of Team KOMAL ,going tro’ the spills & thrills as any of our “combatant” entries from Europe to Asia. Ricky is an American (mix parentage: Korean mother/ American father) who has made his acting debut in 2006 with the 4-episode TV series the Miracle. From there, the shining star attracted more attention leading to several more hits (On Air, My Darling FBI, the musical Dreamgirls & Jejungwon). Since 2009, he made further inroads in sports variety shows (Lets Go Dream Team..season 2). He also appeared in the reality documentary program (the Law of the Jungle) which cast celebrities into exotic locations to explore & survive in locations such as Namibia,  Papua,  Vanuatu, Siberia, Madagascar & New Zealand. Now, its time for him to face a Top Ten Worlds Toughest Motor Races.. an extra-ordinary event by extra-ordinary adventurers, set in an extra-ordinary season.. the monsoon.! Going trough the paces in the thick of the action in RFC with Ricky will be Jacky Ho (a seasoned campaigner in RFC). The location shooting of Ricky in RFC will start with his arrival on 28 Nov in Kuala Lumpur & frm there to Terengganu where the “battle stations” await both at the Prologue SS & into the Predator, Terminator & Twilight Zone.! And, amazingly, the production crew shooting him & the Korean team in the rough & tumble of the event, will be all females!!  The program is already slotted for 15 Jan, 22 Jan & possible  29 Jan (40 min each), now, its time for LIGHTS, CAMERA & ACTION… for real….!! The entire Korean contingent is coordinated by RFC Korea Rep (Seo Q1 & Park). KBS hq: Seoul, it has 18 regional stations & 11 o/seas bureaus & 8 subsidiary cos. Catch Ricky in Kuala Lumpur on 28 Nov @ Publika (Solaris Dutamas from 11am-2pm) & in Kuala Terengganu 30 Nov & 1 Dec . 9 Dec.

Source: Rain Forest Challenge

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