[COVERAGE] AlphaBAT’s 1st showcase in Malaysia-Press Conference


AlphaBAT,  is a group with 9 members and their members’named alphabetically from B to J.There are no A in AlphaBAT because A stands for Alpha and Alpha are their fans.They was successfully hold their first showcaseson Malaysia.The Showcase was held in Danga City Mall,Johor Bahru at 26th April and The Summit,USJ at 27th April.

AlphaBAT reply questions funny and friendly in the Press Conference that held at Neway Karaoke, One Utama.Their member,F:ie said that It’s the first time they have an oversea schedule after debut. They feel happy because they get a warm welcome from fans and media.The member,D:elta wish to try satay because they heard it from their friend that satay is delicious. And the leader, B:eta wanted to try the rice that serve on banana leaves [nasi lemak]


Their member,C:ode did some research before and he found out a place call Kota Kinabalu. He want to visit there. The leader mentioned that he want to visit KLCC. I:ota said that the reason they wish to visit there was they heard that one building of KLCC was built by Koreans and another was built by Japan. It was so special so they must visit there.


Their maknae,J:eta showed that he know actor Michelle Yeoh and shoes designer Jimmy Choo. He get to know Jimmy Choo because he and G:amma is a model now and he is interested in fashion.J:eta and G:amma mentioned the difference being a model and a kpop group.J:eta said that in a kpop group, his height is consider tall but as a model, I’m short. Besides this there are no special difference since both is the things he love to do. And also G:amma said J:eta was his modeling teacher. He is new to this area and he think I still need a lot of improvements.


For the 10th member’s expectations, leader B:eta said that since their each members have their own special and strong characteristics, they hope that they can find a member that can represent Malaysia well that Malaysians will like him and have great skills in singing and performance.They have no worries about culture problem as we are open-minded about the 10th member. As Malaysia is our first oversea schedule, we feel closer and will get along well with the Malaysian member.


Leader B:eta showed that If they come Malaysia they will sure perform constantly with the 10th member while in Korea, if the 10th member is able to catch up with them, they will sure perform together. They are not only finding the 10th members but there are 26 alphabets. Since now there are only A-J, they shall find members until Z from many different country like Thailand, China and etc.

We would like to thank to New Pro Star Sdn Bhd for giving us the opportunity to cover AlphBAT 1st Showcase in Malaysia.

This article was written by Jiamiin @ HallyuM

Photo by Jiamiin @ HallyuM

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