K-Fest 2014 in Malaysia was organized by the Korean Tourism Organization, held from 8th to 10th July at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur from 10am to 10pm, which managed to attract thousands of visitors for the 3 days in rows. Riding on the popularity of the Korean Wave, K-fest Malaysia 2014 is the very first festival organized by Korea Tourism Organization and supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea. The exhibition consists of 4 main sections which are K-Food, K-Culture, K-Fashion and also K-Wedding. All of this includes art, performances, technology and shopping and target to Ignite The K-Imagination to Malaysia.

The K-Festival 2014 @ This event started from August 8 – August 10, 2014 in Pavilion, KL. By bringing in artist like MBLAQ 엠블랙, HAHA 하하 from Running Man and The painters hero 페인터즈 히어로 to the event for performance KTO hopes that it will attracts people to come to the event.



The opening ceremony takes placed around 7pm till 8pm as schedule. The event was officially launched with the new tagline “Imagine Your Korea“.


Local entertainer, Baki Zainal was also inaugurated as the Kaki Korea ambassador due to his influences in the K-Pop events in Malaysia.


Up next was the performance by Painters Hero that managed to gain attention with their comic antics of painting while dancing to hit songs and making people laugh. The viewers can’t stop laughing looking at their performance. This is something rare to the Malaysians and it seems that the viewer’s really enjoy their performances.



After the official launch, the event for the 1st day proceeds with Haha fans meeting. Haha who is famously known from the variety show Running Man made his special appearance with over 3000 fans who anticipated waiting for him. This was his second time here and he said that he was glad and happy to be back. He then gave out gifts and signed CDs to the audience as a token of appreciation to the fans. 200 lucky fans who selected from various competition not only able to get his autograph but also get to take selfie and also get a hug from him. He is such a humble kind person, as during the last session of the fan meet he walked down from stage to get closer to fans and to greet them by saying ‘thank you’ and ‘good bye’.



One of the Korean famous idol groups, MBLAQ was the main attraction for the 2nd day of the event. Almost 5000 thousand fans including from Indonesia, Turkey and even Singapore came just to take a close glimpse towards their idols. Since this is the 1st time they come to Malaysia, the crowds were overflowed with screams from the fans. The boys were overwhelmed with all the supports by giving their best performances. They performed 3 songs from their hits list, ‘Be A Man’, ‘Monalisa’ and ‘Oh Yeah’. Once again the fans go crazy and scream hysterically when they showed off some of the Malay words they learned beforehand, like ‘Terima Kasih’ & ‘Kita Cinta Kamu’ and received cheer & applause from the audience for their effort. Although it was short then what’s been schedule, we bet that their fans A+ were extremely happy and they had made another beautiful memory.



The final round of MY Kpop Talent show 2014 which is also an annual event by KTO was an eye opener for the last day event. Although the groups performed a cover dance from various Kpop groups, surprisingly they already have their own fans that were cheering and supporting them. It feels like we are at a Kpop Concert when the supporters started to wave their banner to cheer for their supported group.

These 3 days of K-fest 2014 event had fully help us to get to know more about Korean culture, art and even technology as a whole. Since this is the 1st time such events were organized, a round of applause and thumbs up should be given to KTO for their great effort to make this event successful. Hopefully for the next event in the future it will be much more bigger and better. We also would like to thank all of the staff and KTO community for the special invitation and also for their help during the event. We will always anticipate the next event from you soon.

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