As the global leader in healthy life style products, OSIM (M) SDN Bhd, had brought Korean Superstar Lee Min Ho to Malaysia as the ambassador of its wonder brand new sofa OSIM uDiva. The event was supposed to start at 2pm but as early as 10am we can see the fans lining up to redeem their ticket. As it is a close event, limited amount of fans were allowed to attend this event.


After the introduction from the MC, the event start with the appearance of Lee Min Ho in all black attire that made him look stunning and handsome made all the audience in the hall scream crazily seeing their beloved actor right in front of the stage. As an introduction he greet and expressed his feeling in Malay, “Apa khabar, saya cinta pada mu”.

As it’s the 3rd time Lee Min Ho being in Malaysia, he said he were happy to be here again to meet his fans and when he were asked about his favourite Malaysian food, he said that his favourite was satay and Nasi lemak. He continued ask his fans assuming whether all of them could cook Nasi lemak by themselves, since Nasi lemak is a national food which Malaysians consume every day.


The event proceeds with 5 lucky winners that were chosen previously to come up to the stage and to have different close interaction directly with Lee Minho himself. Because of the intimate interaction between the lucky fans and Lee Min Ho, the whole hall almost died in jealousy and envy towards them.



Before the fan meet which lasted about an hour comes to an end, Lee Min Ho updated his fans that he will be releasing a new album with the title song “Song for You” this coming October. Talks about his new movie “Gangnam Blues”, he said he were surprised to see the different side of himself in the movie, and hope that others who watch it could feel the same as him too.

The session ended with a cake-cutting ceremony celebrating 35th birthday of OSIM and also a photo session.



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