Media Release: ‘Chosen as Ambassador of Two Korea Product, Hyunmin-A Select Girls Generation”


SEOUL, OCT 15: Before launching a duet song with the late EunB of Ladies Code titled Remember Me, an artist under the management of Blessync Media, Hyunmin-A has received an offer to be ambassador to South Korea’s two output products.

One of the products is actually is more or less responsible for HyunMins secret to looking more like a young, South Korean man. It is called Korean Black Raspeberry or Bokbunja, which is the Korean name of the magical fruit, and after having taken the product for certain period of timeHyunmins skin quality has improved, looking more pale and smoother.


In addition to hes face looking younger than his actual real age, Hyunmin takes this product as a daily supplement which gives him energy and enables him to tackle and help him make it through hes rigorous daily schedule as typical K-Pop stars are busy digesting their daily activities.

Im really thankful for this product for several reasonsIve already talked about how after having used this product, my skin got noticeably smooth and pale, actually now looking more like Korean..but this product also helps me live with more vigor and helps my daily task as a singer here, “said Hyunmin or more recognized in Malaysia with the name Ajieb Rosdi.


In addition to being an ambassador for the Black Raspberry Chewable Vitamin C, Hyunmin also chosen to be the ambassador for BOB MIKI sunglasses for South East Asian Market.

For BOBMIKI, Hyunmin is now officially representing BOB MIKI Music Edition sunglassesthe Jazz Edition and the Funky Editionboth editions were used during HyunMins latest image cuts and photo shoots.

BOBMIKI Sunglasses very special because it comes with Blue Light Lens which protects ones eyes from blue light typically given off by computers and smart phone monitors.

On a quick note, BOBMIKI’s Blue Light Protection Lens are the next generation of lens which (510nm) does not cause headaches when used over 30 minutes of use, the which is a inherent problem with the Blue Light Protection Lenses in the market today, and can be worn all day without any side effects.

Brand CEO for both these products, Mr. Kim said, he was very pleased to have found Hyunmin as an ambassador for this product.


“Hyunmin is basically who we were looking for to represent our products for South East Asia. He has very infectious personality everyone just loveshe makes people feel happy just being around the guy because hes all about being positive and fun I feel confident that Hyunmin will represent the products well for the markets said Mr. Kim.

The other two product, which Mr. Kim has offered to Hyunmin to represent as the ambassadorare Girls Generation HAIRCOUTURE DRY SHAMPOOand as the name given it out, this products was inspired by Girls Generation.

Another product is a very popular animated cartoon character in Korean TV channel EBS. The animation character is Duda”…note that both items are actually limited edition products in South Korea, and only set number of products were manufactured and will be available for limited time only

For those who are interested in ordering the products, contact Hyunmins management by emailing to Or you may order through Hyunmin Fanclub at Facebook, BFA (Best Friend Ajieb).

These products will be available as special, LIMITED gift box package for Malaysia For further detailed information, you may also log on to twitter page HYUNMINAJIEB or insta HYUNMIN_A.

For those interested in South Korea, Japan and China, you can contact HyunMin Fanclub MinNieSter on Naver Cafe ( 

Here is
detailed product information for products mentioned above:

Black Raspberry Chewable Vitamin C

Bokbunja is well known and commonly consumed by Koreans and in other Asian countries for the following health benefits:

  • Anti-aging effects…when taken consistently, anti oxidant properties active in Bokbunja will keep you and your skin looking amazing young and youthful in appearance.
  • Anti-cancerous effects…
  • Promotes energy and vitality…
  • Promotes healthy sexual function…
  • Promotes healthy blood vessels and keeps them elastic…
  • Helps regulate bad HDL Cholesterol

(BOBMIKI ANTI-BLUE) : (Blue Light Protection eyeglasses)

“Blue Light” refers to the light reflected from computer or smart phone monitors. This Blue Light is known to cause one’s eyes to get tired. Blue Light Protection Glasses are already being sold quite widely in Japan and in the USA. With the increasing sells of smart phone and tablet Pcs., the sales of blue light protection lens will also will be on the increase.

Current Blue Light Protection Lens in the market are low in “light penetration rate” if protection ratio is increase…but Bobmiki’s Blue Light Protection Lens are next generation lens which (510nm) does not cause headache when used over 30 minutes of use, which is a inherent problem with the Blue Light Protection Lenses in the market today, and can be worn all day without any side effects.  


  • Fits right into your handbag!
  • Easy to carry mini size!
  • Secrete to easy hair shine and managing!
  • Traveling or after working out, conveniently keep your hair clean!
  • On days waking up late, before going to school or to work!
  • For sick people difficult to wash their hair

Lesley Pink Fresh Flower Scent 50ml

Size possible for carrying on board plan

Just spraying with water is OK

Sprays in micro molecule

With improved volumizing easier styling


  • This TV animation is a mega hit series
  • a joint planning/production project with EBS (Education Broadcasting Station…very reputable broadcasting station specializing in education program) and Eyes Cream Studio…
  • a project developed for over 3 years…
  • upon airing of the 1st episode the program became an instant hit and hit the rating to roof recording #1 rating. 

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