[PRESS CONFERENCE] Roy Kim first visit to Malaysia



The South Korean talented singer-songwriter of “K-folk” music, widely known as Roy Kim had finally visited Malaysia for his promo tour before returning to a student! Roy has been swiping charts such as topping the Billboard Korea K-pop Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks with his first album’s “Spring Spring Spring”, better known as “Bom Bom Bom”. The single has also successfully topped the Gaon Digital Chart for two weeks. For K-dramas fans, Roy’s voice could easily be heard during the drama where Roy has participated in soundtracks for Reply 1994, Pinocchio, Twenty Again, and Another Oh Hae Young.


The extremely polite Roy attended his press conference with a very grateful mood of seeing many media have arrived early morning just to catch the best view of him.  Since high school, he has been writing and composing songs as a student for school projects, which has built up his hobby in writing songs. Roy prefers to write about personal stories happening around him, such as “Home” was about his dog. Ever since he became a singer, Roy once felt that singing was tiring and not as exciting as before. However he is really thankful to have big crowds enjoy connecting with him through his music. Despite successfully becoming a singer, the humble Roy accepts both fine and unpleasant feedback.


Roy Kim’s first and second album has a rather large difference, whereby the “Love Love Love” album was filled with cheerful music, but sad and slow songs were heard in his second album “Home”. Roy said: “I realise it was not the case where people who are sad should listen to happy songs to boost themselves up, instead they should listen to sadder songs to get out of the sadness”.


During Roy Kim’s stay in Malaysia, he got the inspiration to write a song on his first night with a glass of wine alone. He promised to announce that the song was made in Malaysia if he ever releases the song. When Roy was asked about his favourite music genre, he mentioned that they change all the time from acoustic to hip hop to k-pop and more. He even faced a difficult question every time he goes for an interview session, “Which is your favourite song you have written so far?” Roy relates this question as to choose a favourite baby of his which makes him wondered for a long time. Most of the time, his favourite song would be the most recent one he has written – “Home”. On the other hand, the weirdest thing he did during preparation for his album was drinking Korean liquor while recording for “Stay” with his producer. As both of them are drunk, they both thought that it was a very successful interpretation of the song which turns out that it was not acceptable.


After debuting as a singer since 2013, Roy wishes to stay more as a musician instead of appearing on various television programmes even though he does appear on programmes from time to time this year. Upon sharing his personal experiences in his music career, he also mentioned that he has caught many Pokémon during his visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Special thanks to Warner Music Malaysia’s invitation.

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