[COVERAGE] Roy Kim: This maybe is the last showcase in this year, I will be going back to US for study soon…


The South Korean talented singer-songwriter of “K-folk” music, widely known as Roy Kim had finally visited Malaysia for his promo tour before returning to a student! Roy has been swiping charts such as topping the Billboard Korea K-pop Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks with his first album’s “Spring Spring Spring”, better known as “Bom Bom Bom”. The single has also successfully topped the Gaon Digital Chart for two weeks. For K-dramas fans, Roy’s voice could easily be heard during the drama where Roy has participated in soundtracks for Reply 1994, Pinocchio, Twenty Again, and Another Oh Hae Young.


As it was the first visit of Roy to Malaysia, the news itself has attracted many long awaited fans to cramp up the Upper Atrium of Paradigm Mall on a Friday evening, organised by Warner Music Malaysia.

In the evening, Roy’s Meet and Greet event began at 5pm at Paradigm Mall. Prior to that, Roy Kim personally went up to the stage for sound checking to make sure everything would go well. What a detail oriented guy! Then, the tour continued with Roy signing for his lucky 100 fans who purchased his “The Great Dipper” album on that day. The albums were sold out immediately!


During Roy Kim’s showcase, he sang a total of 6 songs – “Cloudy Day”, “Love Love Love”, “Pinocchio”, “Home”, “The Blower’s Daughter” and “Bom Bom Bom”. He engaged with the fans especially through fan-chants of “Love Love Love” and “Bom Bom Bom”.

Along the showcase, Roy was asked to give his first impression of Malaysian fans, he replied: “I should come here more, I just found another home”, leading to a huge scream from his fans. His favourite Malaysian food was Kangkong with Sambal. Roy also received feedback on how do the fans describe him as, where fans reacted saying he is cute, handsome, sexy, talented, as well as a Korean version of Damien Rice, which is also one of Roy’s inspiration singer.



The interesting Roy also jokingly described himself to be “Cute, sexy, smart, fun”, and humbly continued that he is only an ordinary person who loves to sing. He also thanked the fans’ compliments. Being asked on what inspired Roy to write certain genres of music was folk songs his mother used to listen to a lot when he was younger.

What made the fans sad was, the promo tour in Malaysia was his last activity of the season as Roy is soon to return to his student life in the United States in 4 days time for a semester of approximately 4 months. Yet, Roy Kim was very glad to end his tour in Malaysia. Roy announced that he may do a full concert in Malaysia when he returns to Malaysia in the future. Again, this spectacular news had drawn screams from his fans excitedly.


To dedicate more to his Malaysian fans, Roy spoke in Mandarin: “Hi, my name is Roy Kim. I am very happy to be in Malaysia, and all of you are very beautiful.” Roy took a picture together with his fans on that night. Lastly, Roy ended his tour in Malaysia with a photo card giving session. First 300 fans who downloaded his caller ring tone of “The Great Dipper”, received a photo card with a special message written at the back by Roy Kim personally.

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