[COVERAGE] GOT7 returns back to Malaysia for their 2nd Fan Meeting


GOT7 returns to Malaysia again for their 2nd fanmeeting “ GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence In Malaysia 2016 which was held at Mega Star Arena, 6PM on 4th December 2016. GOT7 has recently won the World Favorite Artist award at MAMA 2016 last weekend. This marks their 3rd visit to our country. The show was held successfully with more than 3000 IGOT7 who were attended from Malaysia, Thailand. China, Vietnam, Singapore etc..


They performed a total of 9 songs during the fan meet which included Prove It, Let Me, Boom X3, No Jam, Fly, If You Do, Hard Carry, Home Run and lastly A remix for their encore session. Before the show begins, IGOT7 were practicing the fanchant to show their excitement to meet the boys.


During the fan meet, GOT7 played some game on the stage. One of the game named “Guess The Item“. The group will be separated in two two team which consisted Young Member ( Maknae ) VS Old Member (Hyung). The old member consist of Mark, Jin Young, Jackson and JB while the others member was in the Young Boy team. Each team were given a black box with an item inside it and they need to touch the item with their own hands without looking it and discuss among their member to guess the answer.It was hilarious to see the boys reactions while figuring out what is the item. The game ended up with a tie. Hence, they proceed to play scissors, rock and paper to decide the winner. Old member team won and the losing team had a punishment by taking a Polaroid picture with a ugly face and the pictures were given to 2 lucky fan.


It has been a long time we visit to Malaysia and I want to say I miss the you guys so much. Malaysia is some special places for us because we came here for music video so there is a lot of memories here. We wanted to come here but there is not much time but in the future, we promise to come here for better performance or better with concert. Said BamBam


Mark said 2016 is a great year got GOT7 because of all of our fans that support us. Like what BamBam said we filmed our music video at here so Malaysia always has a place in my heart. We had our first tour but we wouldn’t able to come to Malaysia this time but hopefully we gonna come back to Malaysia for another concert. 


Jackson said our next time comeback please take care of yourself, do not fall sick. Nowadays, weather is so hot. Please do not wear so short pants. I don’t wish other people to see your legs. (In Cantonese)

The show lasted for 2 hours. Before the show ended, those VVIP buyer had the opportunity to either take photo with the boys or greet the boys on the stage. GOT7 Flight Log: Turbulence In Malaysia 2016 organized by Three Angels Group & IME SG, supported by IME Malaysia.

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