Ji Chang Wook talks about Fabricated City during press conference


It was a great honor that we have been invited to the press conference on Ji Chang Wook’s new movie “Fabricated City”. The first glance of Ji Chang Wook to us when he made his appearance to all the media was handsome, handsome and yet handsome. The representative of TVN Movies and HyppTV officially launch the TVN Movies on HyppTV on channel 222. The press conference took place at The Westin hotel.


He stated in the press conference that the character of “Kwon Yu” and himself does not have any similarity because Kwon Yu fight something that are unfair to him and if I was him I wasn’t able to do something that Kwon Yu did.

The most challenging part in Fabricated City during filming was very difficult as the weather was hot and cold and he was emotionally and physically tired working into the character due to a lot of action scenes.


When the MC asked about the most memorable part shooting the movie, he only could think about the tired and difficult part but if he would need to choose that will be the prison scenes because in his mind prison was a scary place and he remembered that being tired and scared during that moment.

He also mentioned that throughout the journey there is no any injuries but just a minor scratches during filming and he had rehearsal many times to prevent such injuries happen.


This is the first time Ji Chang Wook visits Malaysia and he was very curious before he came here and all the fans warmed welcome for him was indeed surprise. Regarding the impression of Malaysia, he couldn’t make his mind because he told us that he was staying in his room whole time. He wished to come back here again for travelling purposes.

For his upcoming projects, he will start filming once he back to Korea for a mystery romantic comedy drama that something that he never act before. He also mentioned that he would like to travel around before he enlisting into the military.


Before the press conference ended, he also thanks everyone for the support toward him and he will work harder in the future to fulfill the expectations. All the winners were having group photo with him before he left the scene.

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