[PRESS CON] “Korea Drama Night with Sung Hoon” and The King along with special guest Lee Pan Do and Kim Ho seon 

Back to last week when we had an opportunity to meet sweet and charming Lee Sung Hoon, Rookie actor Lee Pan Do, Kim Ho seong & Kpop Group The King.

The “Korean Drama Night with Sung Hoon” are brought to you by Korean tourism Organisation (KTO) with co-organiser Ime Asia. So the press conference session started with interview session with Lee pando, Kim Ho Seong & The King!

Q: Is this your first time in Malaysia?               
Ba wool= I had opportunity to study overseas that was in Malaysia so i had a chance to be here. But except myself everyone is the first time.

Q: How about the rest?                                           
Lee Pan Do= When i thought about Malaysia. I was thinking that the design over the building of Malaysia should be explicit but in fact when i check in myself with my own eyes, its like magnificent and beautifully builded. Really astonished!

Q:What do you think about the weather here in Malaysia as this is your first time!           

Hong Seo= I think it is something very special to be here cause right now in Korea its quite chilly.

Q: Of course there is differences between Korea and Malaysia. Like the weather! What is the main different that you had notice and enjoy very much?                         

Choi Rang= I just take look at the palm tree in in here. There is a big different! I fall in love with the weather at first like Korea is really chilly right now but here it is just warm and hot. Obviously i will be here back!

Q: Its really chilly in Korea right now and ist very hot here! Maybe you have any favourite season as Korean has 4 season?                    

Seung Jae= There is a lot of activity i can doing in summer so i will pick summer as my favourite season.

Q: So let say if we go to Korea during summer. What you would recommend us to do?        

Sung Jae= I would recommend scuba diving as my favourite sport that i do during summer in Korea.

Q: How about you Pan Do, what do you like?
Lee Pan Do= My bucket list is scuba diving.

Q: Summer is quite similar to Malaysia. What can we do during winter?
Dong Hyeok: You have to visit 4 village in Korea wearing hangbok as a traditional cause its so beautiful so i recommend you to visit 4 village in Korea.

Q: You all are very young. Maybe you can recommend the places for youngster to go in Korea right now. What is trendy?
Lee Pan Do= Hongik college university station. Loads of activity and food at Hongik university station.

Q: Maybe you can tell us what you love about Malaysia.                                                                

Hong Seo= It just good to be the warm and feeling. Looking in the palm tree, it just beautiful. So it gives me like relaxing moment.

Q: Basically they like the warm and palm tree. Is there anything else you would like to add on being in Malaysia?

Se Jin= Im very looking forward to try Malaysian cuisine. That i heard it very delicious so looking forward to try nasik lemak!

After the interview session with them, now here comes the session with Sung Hoon itself.

Q: Is this your first time in Malaysia? 

S= This is very my first official visit. I have not been here even as a trip and yes its my first time!

Q: What you think about Malaysia so far?      S= I have myself late arrival last night and this is my very first place ever since my arrival.

I have my opportunity to pay a visit to overall and the other overseas and myself is very simple. I work at the venue and i come back to my accommodation hotel so i really have not got a chance to expose myself to the culture of the individual country.

However tonight in here Malaysia,
Im looking forward just one thing. How i interact with my fans. I love to see the reaction and how they playing and how they have the joy for a moment with me at the venue. Im looking for to have a beautiful moment with my fans.

Im very looking forward to it of course.

Q: The Cha Jin Wook character in my Secret Romance has captured a lot of female audience in heart as well. Would you share some difficulties of my experience during the shooting cause I’m sure that fans here in Malaysia really want to know. 

S= There was no particular difficulty i was talking about but in fact the condition of the actor and the crews work that we usually stayed at night in order to shoot the product including all the actors and the cast Ms Sung Ji and the director. We had a great time.We did not really expected to hit the jackpot and have the good outcomes. In fact afterwards its aired its gives us really good reaction and the love from the fans and the viewers we really appreciated it.

As the press continue, I can see who will be the reporter and who are the fans. From the face of you its quite sign!

Q: Speaking more about drama My Secret Romance, we know that some of the scenes were shoot at Island Samcheok Seoul beach GwanHangdul. Would you recommend place for the tourist to visit and what other drama shooting location would you recommend because nows lots of Malaysian are going to Korean for travel

S= As to mention about the same Samcheok Soul Beach of GwangHandeul,

I personally feel that its quite an expensive place for the tourist to enjoy. If you are had a lot of budget just go ahead and had funs. Its had a beautiful seaside of Korea.

Q: Air Asia just lunch direct flight from Malaysia to Jeju. Would you recommend few places,food or activities in Jeju?
S= To make myself honest. I feel nowadays Seoul i know is kinda having unclear beautiful sky just compare to before. If i were to talk about good thing in Jeju island. It is the beautiful sky. In that area its really wonderful. You could freely have it. Not to mention, the delicious cuisine that Jeju offer. Hope you could enjoy those thing that Jeju can offer you.

Q: Speaking of food, Korean food. What is your recommend and your favourites Korean foods. 

S= personally i am Kimchi fried rice lover and easily i can cook and looking forward to try to cook one day for my fans compatible just 500 of portions.

Q: We now that you arrived late in Malaysia and straightly away come here. You don’t have any chance to try any Malaysian foods yet?

S= The first meal i had when i arrive in Malaysia was this morning breakfast at the hotel. It just instead of taking 1 specific local foods. I look forward to try local foods that you all everyday have it and thats why i feel it that wherever i go i would love to try the local food.

Even right know I’m wondering what would be the ordinary and everyday meal that you would have so i want to try it.

Q: We know that you are from Daegu, can you describes to us your hometown to us?              S= I am not sure if I’m being so honest like this but there is a joke that local Daegu folks says that ;

“In winter we are chilly and summer time we are hot!” So I’m not sure what to really recommend but i want to mention since we are very similar atmosphere with Busan city that we had lots of foods. So food lover will enjoy the cuisine with Daegu.

Q: We know you used to be in korean national swimming team. Used to be swimmer so besides swimming what other sports do you play or you are fans of?
S= I like to correct that i was not a national player of swimmer. I was just a hardworking swimmer. Doing my best when i am in water and for may favourites sport that i enjoy nowadays are snow ball.

Q: In Malaysia we don’t have winter and in Korea sometimes during winter we can go for snowball boarding or sky diving. Do you have any place to recommend if any Malaysian are go to that place. 

S= I think this is right moment to recommend to all of you to talk about the Song beach. Its a good place to visit in winter and Gangnam province is famous for the sky resort even for the local people in Korea.

We would like to thank Korean Tourism Organisation Malaysia and Ime Asia for the invitation. 

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