Online Tickets Were Snapped In 3 Minutes After Release

After releasing the news of Korea’s hottest boy group, WANNA ONE who will be coming to Kuala Lumpur on the 19th of January 2018 (Friday), 8PM at Stadium Negara, the Malaysian WANNABLE showed tremendous response and the tickets were snapped up quickly! This event which is organized by iMe will involve a fan meeting session and mini showcase. This news caused a stir and there were many fans who called up the hotline to enquire about WANNA ONE’s schedule in Malaysia. The organizer replied by stating that purchasing the tickets itself is the best form of support that the fans can offer to WANNA ONE, and everyone should take care of their safety as much as showing their support for the boys.

Before the official ticket launch event, the Malaysian WANNABLE started queueing up nine days ahead to have their chance of getting their hands on the VIP tickets. The VIP ticket holders will stand a chance to be chosen to receive fan benefits through a lucky draw, and every fan would not want to miss the chance to win it. Since WANNA ONE recently made a comeback, will the boys perform their newly released single in Malaysia? Their fans show interest and hope that the boys will perform their new single.

During the official on-ground ticket launch, the fans that started queueing up early since 11AM had to struggle to get their hands on the VIP and Rockzone tickets as 50% of the tickets were sold out in just two hours after the release. An overwhelming response was received after launching the tickets online as all the tickets were sold out after a short heated three minutes. The immense support from the Malaysian WANNABLE shows how popular and charming these boys are! Mark your calendars on the 19th of January 2018 to feel the heat from WANNA ONE!

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