[COVERAGE] Wanna One 1st Fanmeeting In Kuala Lumpur attracted massive crowd with more than 10,000 people.


Wanna One 1st Fanmeeting <WANNA BE LOVED> tickets were all sold out during the ticket launch back in last year. Many fans were unable to grab the tickets. Hence, they need to purchase the tickets from the third parties with a higher price. Since this is their first visit to Malaysia therefore many fans were anticipating for the fan meet and hope to see them perform on stage.

The event was held at Stadium Negara on 19th January, 2018 and it had attracted more than 10,000 crowd on that day itself. The event kicked off on time with the opening set of two song “Energetic”and “Beautiful”, Wannables in the rock zones were excited and seen to be pushing one another to the front in order to get closer to the stage.


With this, it has turned into chaotic situation with some fans fainted and injured because of over crowded in that area. They sent the boys back to the backstage as the fans seemed could not control their excitement.

Wanna One’s members were so worry about the fans.They asked the fans to stay calm and do not push each other. Daehwi said “We won’t come back out until you have stopped pushing”. The event crew and medical staff were working hard to help those fans who needed. They even threw some water bottle for the fans to stay hydrated all the time and some staff seen to be fanning the fans to help calm them down after being pushed around.

A representative from the police asked all the fans to corporate and if they refuse to do so, the fan meet might be cancelled. The members were seemed to be upset regarding the situation and hope that everyone was fine.


The emcee asked the fans in the rock zones area to sit on the ground so that the pushing situation will not be happened again. After an hour of delay, the crew and security team had finally managed to solve the situation and so the show was resume back but the fans were advised to sit throughout the fan meet.

The boys were being sent back to the stage again and the members advised fans not to be pushed again and be careful all the time as safety was the first priority. The fan meet continued back with member’s introduction and several games sessions.

The boys exploded the stage with “Wanna Be”, “Pick Me”, “Always”and screams were heard loudly.


Fans had prepared to celebrate one of the member Daewhi’s birthday earlier than the actual date. The fans sang both English and Korean version birthday song for him. Daewhi said he was happy to perform in front of you guys and he loves Malaysia. He also being thankful the fans for the birthday surprise”. When asked about the unforgettable moment in Malaysia and they replied this moment (which is the moment with Wannables) is the most unforgettable memories for them

The boys had arrive Kuala Lumpur last Monday and they managed to travel around the city before the fan meet. They even went to night market to try some local foods. All members were seemed to love coconut ice cream.


The fan meet ended up with the performance song of “Never”and “Burn It Up”. The organizer published an apology message on Facebook after the show ended. They mentioned that fans are the top priority and sorry for the delay of the show.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank IME Asia and Warner Music Malaysia for the invitation.

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