[COVERAGE] MXM Match Up Press Conference in Malaysia

MXM Match Up in Kuala Lumpur Press Conference

Date: 30/04/2018

Venue: Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur

Jointly organized by iMe Malaysia and Warner Music Malaysia, MXM “Match Up” fan meeting has been held on 1st May 2018 at HGH Convention Hall. MXM which is consits of two member Im Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun is a project unit signed under Brand New Music and Warner Music Korea. The duo rose to fame after participating in Produce 101 Season 2 which is one of the most famous survival reality music program.

Held in Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur, The press conference started with their self-introduction.

Q & A session:

Mc: Firstly of course we would like to know, How do you boys feel being here in the Malaysia?

Young Min: this is our very official visit to Malaysia and i heard from my SNS saying that they are fans from Malaysia and telling us that they missed us, so here we are finally and looking forward to have a great moment with you guys.

Mc: We find out that Young Min is stayed in Singapore for 5 years. Are they any differences being here in Malaysia as compared to Singapore?

Young Min: I am sorry about this question because until i was born in there, i only stayed until 5 years old. Actually i dont have much memories.

Mc: We would like to know what music concept do you like to try as MXM?

Dong Hyun: For me i have try the funky music or something that mix up with tropical sound. So lets try out some band music an as our company are well know with hip hop genres so lets try the genres of hiphop too.

Mc: Did you guys know or good at any instrument to start a band?

Dong Hyun: I am looking forward to try out. I am not soo good at it yet but i will trying out some guitar or piano.

Mc: Which artist you would like to collaborate with and who is your role model?

Dong Hyun: Ever since i was little kid, the singer Park Jae Bum (Jay Park) was my favorite artist. So i was looking forward to collaborate with Crush and Bolbagan.

Mc: Will MXM released another song as a project group with YDPP?

Young Min: We don’t have any specific plan yet. But i know they are overwhelming  respond from fans and which we are very thankful. So looking forward to have a great performance together if there is opportunity given.

Mc: About Daehwi and Woojin, what would you like to say to them who are currently promoting under Wannaone?

Dong Hyun: Daehwi and Woo Jim are such a good brother and they are performing well. So if there are a good chances to be given and i am looking forward to collaborates in at the same stage.

Mc: What you fell about Malysian fans?

Young Min: I’ve been knowing that there was really supporting from Malaysia even when i was in Korea and I just got to see myself yesterday there was warm hospitality from fans. We are really thankful for that and thats why i got to try my best to show you my best tomorrow at the stage.

Mc: Double single title “Rematch”. Could you brief us about rematch.

Young Min: Away from our previous album, this one have to shown more maturity and calmness. So its show different sides of us.

Mc: From the song “Diamond Girl”, it was very different like very funky compared “Gone Cold”. So how it is changing genres from there?

Youngmin: actually the song “Diamond Girl” is for fans. The message that i would like to send to fans that we are put it in and also with got the MXM logo for this song too. Each time we took in the stage, we got so much love and support from fans so we are really thankful and greatful for that and try our best to show that.

Q:Where do MXM got their inspiration from?

Young Min: For me i will watch movie and drama so i will get the inspiration also from poems.

Q: What kind of drama?

Young Min: not really particular with drama but where do the relationship and the connection between people that i am in too it.

Q: If you can have fans to remmember MXM one thing, what is it?

Young Min: if i would like to choose only one, then i would be an idol who are talented and who is giving out bright energy to those fans whoever listen out to our music.

Dong Hyun: I would like to be in memory who gives out the comfortness. Where ever you are you can just played on our music. You know you just played it in ur earspring

Q: Can you tell us three things that your fans dont know about Dong Hyun and Young Min?

Young Min: the first thing i would like to talk about Dong Hyun is, he is well know with his appetite! But nowadays he is not really into it.

Dong Hyun: One of the secret that fans might not know about Young Min is nowadays he is into filming with camera. So he would take the camera and just making the film and take it.

Q: Do you boys really chat your sns? Comment from sosial media? Twitter, facebook and instagram?

Dong Hyun: i think so.We try to check all the comment after we upload our content and there is fans who will send a letter at fancafe too,

The press conference proceed photo session with the sponsor for this event.

We would like to thank the organiser Ime Asia and Warner Music Malaysia for the invitation.

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