[PRESS CONFERENCE] KARD shares about being here in Malaysia for the first time, experience shopping online and more.

Lazada 11.11 is Malaysia’s largest one-day online shopping festival. KARD is one of the main highlight act in Lazada 11.11 Super Show. Before they perform at Axiata Arena, they had a meet and greet session with the fans and also the press to share their experience. Here are some of the questions asked during the press conference last Saturday morning.

Host: As far as I know, you have just arrived Malaysia last night. How was it?
BM: It was our first time in Malaysia and as soon as we landed, there were a lot of fans waiting for us outside. It was a warm welcome just to start off and I cant wait to perform.

Host: How do you feel for those fans who’ve been waiting for you guys?
Jiwoo: This is our first time performing in Malaysia and we didn’t expect to see so many fans welcoming us.

Host: How do you guys initially meet to form KARD as a group?
Jseph: We initially met at the same company about 6-7 years ago and we are unsure what will be going to happen. We had trained separately. 2 years ago, they met Jiwoo and they ended up becoming a group with now KARD.

Host: How do you distinguish yourself from other South Korea group?
Jiwoo: Being a co-ed group, we are differentiate ourselves from other groups because each one of us has a different personalities and we show our side in different way. This somehow makes the difference between others.

Host: KARD has a massive success before debut. How did that help KARD along the way?
BM: First and foremost, we would like to thank all fans that had been supporting us before debut. The fact that the debut song did very well and we had a tour earlier before our officially debut. I think being able to tour and on stage to meet the fans around was a huge experience and it helped us a lot.

Host: There’s a website (MyMusic Taste) that fans come together for a campaign to vote for their favourite artists to come over to their cities to perform and KARD ranked No.2 with 61,560 points behind BTS. How do you feel the popularity in Malaysia?
Jseph: We didn’t know we have such popularity in here an it was such an honor to rank No.2 and we would like to extend our gratitude to our Malaysian fans.

Host: What are the future plan for KARD?
BM: We will make a lot of great music and crazy performances that will blow your mind.

Host: This is your first time in Malaysia, what are you most looking forward to?
Somin: I look forward to perform at the event tonight and meet our Malaysian fans

Host: What can they expect for tonight show?
BM: A lot of turn it up…Yea…

Host: Do you love online shopping? What are the favorite items you normally buy online?
Somin: I like to buy clothes, accessories but these days I would like to buy hats. I like the variety of different styles of hat available.

Jseph: It has been a while since I shop online and I more toward purchase myself offline. In Korea, there is a place called Dongdaemun, I would normally go there shop directly. I prefer window shopping than rather buy.

Host: 11.11 is a global shopping festival even bigger than Black Friday. What are you looking forward to buy in this big festival?
Jiwoo: I would normally buy clothes. Since it on sales, I usually buy something more expensive.

They opened up Q&A sessions for the media and fans. Here are some questions that have been asked.

Q: What are the items would you buy for your fans?
BM: I like silver stuff and maybe like silver bracelet and some accessories.

Q: What’s your first impression toward Malaysia?
BM: I feel all of them are very friendly and the vibe as soon as we walked out from the place. We saw a lot of smiling faces and calling out our names.We are looking forward to perform tonight.

Q: What Malaysian food you would like to try?
BM: I heard noodles and fried rice are really good here and hopefully it will be my meal today
Jiwoo: Satay. I look forward to eat tonight
Fans: Try ABC (The members thought A.B.C is a restaurant name.) In Korea we called it Bingsu.
BM: Do you guys like Bingsu more or A.B.C?
Fans shouted: A.B.C!!!!!
BM: We gonna try it out and check which one is better
Jseph: Okay..we’ll check it out.

Q: It there any possibilities for Malaysia to be in the list on your future tour?
Jiwoo: There will be opportunity for sure  if someone invite us and for tonight’s show, it will be  a great start off.

Q: What are your favorite color?
Jseph: I initially like everything in black and later I change to grey and now I like pastel colors.
Jiwoo: I like black, purple and grey.
Somin: I like red and black.
BM: I like red, blue and silver. And…I like pink. I being rock in pink sometimes.

Q: What Korea food would you recommend to us?
BM: 곱창 (Cow Intestine). You guys need to try it out man.
Jseph: Bibimbap with gochujang sauce
Somin: Tteok-bokki
Jiwoo: Korea BBQ, every meat such as pork belly. It taste good to grill.

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