[FOOD/NON-HALAL] A Hidden Gem ManKwonWahap @ Cheras LeisureMall

This newly restaurant was brought to you all the way from Busan by a family named Kim. The name of Mankwonwhabap has been created with the meaning of “Mankwon” with the ideology of treating the customers as our family “Whabap” means fired rice in Korea which are their main concept of the menu.

The focus is on the balanced healthy Korean food prepared through scrupulous method along with their barbecued meats roasted over the charcoal fire harmonised the specialist homemade sauces by them.

A truly hidden gem for healthy and affordable Korean delights. They hope to expand their essence of Korean cooking in order for us to enjoy such tasty bud licking wholesome foods.

The main menu of this restaurant is Whabap. A bowl of rice topped with veges and meats. It has different types of protein choices. It is similar to BiBimbap’s style but somehow they made a different. You need to try it out yourself to find out.

The meat is so tender and juicy in every bite after mixed all the rice and fresh vegetables with the gochujang sauces. I feel so satisfy and enjoyable eating it. I would visit again just for this Whabap. One bowl isn’t enough for me seriously.

The meat is cooked in a charcoal fire with the natural flavours smell of the meat. This cooking method produces more less-oily, chewy and juiciness taste.

They do have offer on the set menu. The set comes with Salad + Buckwheat Tea with just additional RM6. Both of these are very good for health as it gives you easy digestion after consuming the main course. I personally love the salad so much. The salad is naturally made in house.

Not to forget the Korean Noodles, Ramyeon. Here we get to taste the Sutbull Samgyeop Ramen. They have both versions of Ramyeon but the differentiate of those is just the soup. One with a broth clear vegetables soup and another is hot-spicy soup. While you bite the meats along with the noodles, you’ll get to taste the aroma of the charcoal which makes the different compare to other Ramyeon offered out there. The noodles are springy and the soup comes with light spiciness.

It’s not complete without Kimchi Jjigae of course. You can choose to put with/without the sunny egg inside the soup. The soup taste is unalike compare to others that we’ve tried. If you’ve a Korea friend, you will get to try this home cooking taste. It fulfilled my stomach having this with a bowl of rice.

There’s also Toppokki available at the menu. It includes the original fried rice cakes, fish cakes, half boiled egg mixed in creamy gochujang sauce. Cheese lovers should definitely not to miss this out. It’s extremely stretchy and chewy as they used premium quality cheese, you can see through the photos attached. You’ll feel no regret to have it. It comes with generous portion and it is rather addictive. If you prefer to have noodles, there do have Rappokki, a mixture between noodles with fried rice cakes.

In conclusion, I would say Wankwonwhabap is definitely worth for the try. The price is rather affordable and reasonable with such quality foods. The foods here are healthy without MSG. For those who’re looking for healthy yet delicious Korean delights, you should come and visit this place.

Mankwon Whabap
L1 46 &47, Cheras Leisure Mall, Kuala Lumpur.
Daily, 10am-10pm.
Tel: 017-613-3531



此家餐馆的特别之处就是以炭烤为主,希望可以为大家带来少油且健康的美味料理。不止如此, 他们的料理绝对是让顾客们可以齿颊留炭香! 这是小编绝对推荐的理由!!!

这家餐馆主要卖点是希望客人们可以感受到家的感觉,所以这家料理店涵盖着一股家的风味除此之外,这里的酱料都是由这间餐馆的老板娘亲自调味, 健康且拥有独特的味。

在此, 我们会重点介绍几道美味料理:

1) 拉面

这个看似简单的拉面,但却拥有独特的味道 —- 炭烤味,只要我们将烤肉,拉面和浓浓的一并入口, 淡淡的炭烤味便会在咀嚼中散发在口里。

2) 韩国年糕


他们家的炒年糕超推荐给大家, 尤其是推荐给芝士爱好者, 一定要到此一游!

小编吃了这家的芝士炒年糕便爱上了, 那股浓浓的芝士和炭烤味围绕在嘴里, 再加上韩国辣酱, 绝对是让人回味无穷!

3) 鸡胸肉水果沙拉 (Salad)

这家韩国料理店的沙拉绝对要推一推给大家, 这沙拉无论要在用餐前或用餐后品尝都一样美味, 主要是让人有开胃及消化的效用, 因为老板娘加入了自家制作的酱料, 酸酸甜甜的, 让小编超开胃的! 除此之外, 里面还添加了水果, 因为水果的加入带出了酱料的美味, 肯定一吃便停不了口!!


接着要推荐给大家的便是这家店的主角  WHABAP, 一碗香喷喷的白饭加入各式各样的蔬菜, 韩国辣酱及炭烤肉, 将以搅拌后, 再配入一碗热乎乎的蔬菜汤一起进口, 绝对人生一大享受!他们家的烤肉提倡少油的概念让这碗Whabap健康且不油腻, 绝对适合男女老少到此一试!

5 韩国泡菜

他们家的泡菜汤喝了绝对会想家, 小编喝完后都觉得暖暖的, 犹如喝到家里的味道! 不止如此, 这泡菜汤还加了浓浓的芝士以及半熟的太阳蛋, 搅拌一起吃,真的好吃到不行不行了!!绝对要送上一个大拇指给老板!!除此之外, 喝了这泡菜汤还可以让我们感觉到非常的开胃,而且喝起来也不会很腻, 所以饭前或饭后都很适合哦!

今天小编就先为大家介绍以上这几款美食, 接下来的日子我们还会为大家继续发掘更多好康哦!!记得一定要到这件餐馆试一试哦! 保证绝不会后悔的!!

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