[K-MOVIE] Swing Kids Starring EXO’s DO Kyung Soo & Park Hye Soo Opens In Cinemas Early January 2019.

The long awaited is over. The highly anticipated film Swing Kids is confirmed screening in GSC Cinemas starting from 10th January 2019.



During the Korean War in 1951, a rebellious North Korean soldier Ro Ki-soo is held captive at the Geoje prison camp. There, his encounter with Jackson, an officer from Broadway, leads to him falling in love with tap dancing. He joins Jackson’s dance group, made up of Kang Byung-sam who dances with the wind while hoping to find his wife, Xiao Fang who is an old man talented in dancing but his Angina prevents him from doing so for more than a minute, and Yang Pan-Rae who uses dancing to earn some money.


EXO’s Do Kyung Soo as an actor will play his role as Roh Ki Soo, a North Korean who fell in love with the tap dancing while Park Hye Soo will play Yang Pan Rae.

Director Kang  Hyung Chul with his previous film <Scandal Markers> (2008) and <Sunny> (2011) are box-office hits and the highest grossing Korean films of all time.

We couldn’t wait any longer to watch this movie next year and I’m sure you as well. Stay tuned with us for more latest information!

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