[PRESS RELEASE] Unique ‘Teengle’ KPOP Girl Group DreamNote Officially Makes Their Debut In Asia

mini album cover

DreamNote, a girl group of 8 members, first and proudly presented by iMe Korea, a global entertainment group finally uncovers its veil with its mini album ‘Dreamlike’. DreamNote combined with the words of ‘DREAM’ (means ‘what you want to do in the future’) and ‘NOTE’ (means of ‘youngster’s space’), means ‘giving dream (to fans) and achieving it together.

The 8 members girl group consists of YOUI, BoNi, Lara, MISO, Sumin, Eunjo, HaBin and HanByeol. DreamNote armed with outstanding beauty and exceptional performance will show its own unique ‘Teengle’ (Teen + Beagle-like Beauty) with full of the candid and lively charm of teenage girls. DreamNote had claiming 24th place for girl group brand values in Korea after they debut in 1 week.

DreamNote is a whole package of beauty, skills earned through hard training, unlimited talents and huge potentials. Their live and 0% lip sync debut stage on Korea music shows had gained lots of attraction and praised from audience and kpop fans.

Their first single ‘DREAM NOTE’ is a perfect song to represent the meaning of DreamNote, giving dream, as it is based on the retro, upbeat pop of the 1960s, full of being bright, clear and fresh.

Catch and watch DreamNote first single MV’s ‘DREAM NOTE’ : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C97vYXlVc0

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