Take Point, The Hottest Sci-Fi Movie Is Coming To Cinemas On 10th January, 2019.



Billion-dollar Director Collaborates with Top Actors, Ha Jung-Woo and Lee Sun-kyun, in the Hottest Sci-fi Movie of the Year


Distributed by mm2 Malaysia, actors of ‘Along With the Gods’ and ‘My Mister’, Ha Jung-Woo and Lee Sun-kyun, will be starring in a Korean military action movie ‘Take Point’ that is set to debut in Malaysia’s cinemas on 10 January 2019. Directed by an award-winning director, Kim Byung-woo, the movie has successfully swept Korea’s cinemas since its release in the country. This is also Kim’s second collaboration with Ha since the director’s 2013 release of ‘The Terror Live’, giving the movie its limelight even before the shoot. 

 ‘Take Point’, a movie produced on par with Hollywood’s standard is mainly delivered in the English language, which poses a great challenge for Ha who has never studied abroad. During the shoot, Ha admitted that the script was beyond the use of everyday English, but instead, adopted the pronunciation, accent and jargon as incorporated by the militaries. In addition to the high demand in acting, the role seemed difficult at first. However, the 40-year-old actor persisted through the character and had successfully portrayed the persona of a cold and emotionless captain, living up to his fame as a box office actor. On the other hand, second lead Lee Sun-kyun who acted as a North Korean military doctor also played a pivotal role in the case of kidnapping throughout the movie. In addition to a life-threatening crisis, he was also forced to portray an intelligent character in a highly intense situation. 

take point_publicity still_06

In hope to bring forth a new experience on the big screen, director Kim has mustered a team of stuntman from ‘Along With The Gods’ to recreate this masterpiece. ‘Take Point’ is a movie paired with the concept of real-time viewing alongside the idea of a delivering a direct message to the audience in hope to create exciting content and experience, making it the first near-to-real-life experience movie in Asia. “The movie’s length is similar to the length of shoot, which will result in at least twofold, or maybe fourfold in intensity. Moreover, the add-on effects of Virtual Reality will give our audience an amazing experience.” 

take point_publicity still_10

In the movie, Captain Ahab (HA Jung-woo), who works for private military company Black Lizard, is tasked with carrying out a top-secret mission for CIA. His mission is to infiltrate a secret underground bunker 30m below Korean DMZ and take out a target. The mission immediately derails when the target turns out to be none other than Supreme Leader of North Korea himself, who has incredibly high bounty on his head. Ahab and his 12 men go in for the jackpot against CIA’s wishes. Unbeknownst to them, another PMC squad is after the same target and Ahab has to work around CIA’s aerial strikes that put him and his men in immediate and present danger. The bunker is demolished and Ahab is in critical condition. When the Supreme Leader suffers a devastating injury, he has no choice but to team up with an elite North Korean doctor (LEE Sun-kyun) to not only save himself but his target and get out of the bunker in one piece.

‘Take Point’ swopped Korea’s cinemas with an astounding result and as overturned a Hollywood movie that was debuted at the same time to secure the top spot of the Box Office. The movie will be releasing in Malaysia’s cinemas on 10 January 2019. For more information, visit mm2 Malaysia’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mm2malaysia.

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