ūüá≤ūüáĺ Goobne Chicken Korea‚Äôs No.1 Oven Roasted Chicken @ MyTown Shopping Mall

Goobne chicken has become Korea’s No.1 oven roasted chicken brand in Korea by serving customers with healthier chicken since the brand was launched in 2005.With over 1000 merchants in Korea as well as Hong Kong, Macao, China, Japan and Indonesia, Goobne Chicken holds the promises of using fresh meat, ensures safe and hygienic manufacturing facilities and continuously showing innovative products that lead to new chicken culture.

The word GOOBNE means oven roasted. Chicken served here is roasted in the oven for 13 minutes at 195 degrees without using single drop of oil to conserve the original flavour of chicken itself. In addition, all our chicken is hormone free. Goobne chicken contains less calories, cholesterol, sodium and trans-fat, yet crispy on the outside, chewy and juicy inside once roasted. Menu with a variety of tastes surely aims to satisfy every patron’s craving. Goobne Chicken also offers choices of whole or half chicken, wings in 8 or 14 pieces to match everyone’s preference.

What’s more better than having your favorite Korean chicken without feeling any guilty. For those who’re familiar with Korean Fried Chicken concept, they will offer different recipes of their sauces from original, mild to spicy. Each individual has different tastebud therefore you can always have many choices to choose the one you love.

Goobne Deep Cheese
( Whole : RM 54.90 / Half: RM 32.90 / Wings (8 pcs) : RM 20.90/ Wings (14 pcs) :RM 32.90

We started off with our first food, Goobne Deep Cheese Chicken. For cheese lovers, I would say you’ll definitely in love with this. This has to be the best combination of oven roasted chicken with the cheese powder that light up the overall taste with some sweetness and cheesy feel. I personally give a thumb up. This is a MUST to try.

Goobne Soy Garlic
( Whole : RM 54.90 / Half: RM 32.90 / Wings (8 pcs) : RM 20.90/ Wings (14 pcs) :RM 32.90)

For a subtle taste, you can try out Goobne Soy Garlic. For garlic lover, this would be your favorite. It’s crispy outside topped with light garlic taste and juicy inside.

Goobne Volcano 
( Whole : RM 54.90 / Half: RM 32.90 / Wings (8 pcs) : RM 20.90/ Wings (14 pcs) :RM 32.90)

For spicy lover, you can try out their best seller Goobne Volcano. This will surely excite your tastebud with the spicy volcanic sensation. You will need this dish accompany with an ice cold beverages to eat. I salute to those who can eat all the chicken without any drinks.

You have the option to try Seafood Jjampong Soup (RM21.90) if you’re a seafood fan. This bowl of soup contains prawns, mussels and squids along with veges. The soup looks mild at the beginning but after we mix everything evenly, it gets a little spicy bursting out and it’s so addictive. You can have the option to eat with rice.

The Goobne Spicy Chicken Fried Rice (RM18.90) comes with the chicken and egg on a hot plate. The staff will help you to pour the blended egg into the hot plate on the spot while it served to your table. The spiciness is nicely done as it is suitable for everyone.

Korean Rice Cake served almost in every Korean restaurant without any expectation in Goobne. Let me introduce you this Volcano Cheese Tteok-Bokki (RM32.90). Simply enjoy the volcano sauces along with fishcakes, cheese, whole egg and noodles on the hot plate. The bouncy chewy rice cake with cheese are good and the spiciness of this dish is depends on individual. Some would say it’s too spicy but some feel the other way round. We leave it for you to comment.

There’s a special non alcohol mocktail served at Goobne which myself found it very unique and Insta-worthy for Instagram lovers which is Rita – Shark Blood (RM19.90). The drink comes with a shark topped inside where you can find the shark blood is dripping out the raspberry sauces from the mouth.¬†Other than that above, there do serve different type of mocktails, bottle juices, soft drinks and teas.

I’m pretty sure some of you already start to feel hungry by looking at those photos. We are well prepare for you. We’re giving you the chance to win yourself a set 8 pieces wings worth RM20.90. Head over to our Instagram and Twitter account to find out more.

Address: Lot L3-043A, Level 3, MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Opening Hours: 10 am ‚Äď 10 pm (daily)

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