🇲🇾 GO GO GFRIEND! in Kuala Lumpur: Gfriend prepares a special gift for Malaysian Buddies


Gfriend’s first ever concert in Malaysia was successfully held with the support of Buddies who came to see the girls. Organised by MacpiePro, Malaysia was marked as the second stop for GO GO GFRIEND! Asia Tour. The sextet elegantly performed their talents in a live concert on Saturday, July 29 at Malawati Indoor Stadium in Shah Alam.

When the lights turned off, Buddies started to cheer and wave their light sticks up in the air upon seeing the girls on stage singing their opening song, Me Gustas Tu. The song is never a stranger to every K-pop fan. With its catchy melody and rhymes, the crowds began to sing along especially at the chorus.

In the press conference, it was reported that Gfriend prepared a special surprise for Malaysian Buddies where they changed the lyrics to Bahasa Malaysia in a song. To everyone’s surprise, they cutely changed the lyrics from “Johahaeyo” which carries a meaning to “I like you” in Korean to “Suka kamu” instead.

Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji continued to hype up the crowds by using some of the Malay phrases they learnt like “bagus”, “seronok tak?” and “baby sayang” that made Buddies loudly cheer in excitement.


Gfriend showed themselves off with pastel-coloured outfits in the first phase of the concert where they performed songs such as Life is a Party, Vacation and Truly Love that matched the theme. In between the performances, Buddies were shown to unseen VCRs on the screen that were prepared specially for the concert.


Special stages were also set where the girls got divided into two units performing one unique song of their own entitled Shy Boy by Team Hug Hug (Yerin, Eunha and Umji) and Monday Blues by Team World Peace (Sowon, Yuju and SinB).

In the second phase, they switched to black outfits portraying their emotional concept. Buddies get their heart struck by seeing the girls perform songs like You Are Not Alone, Rough, Fingertip, Memoria and Navillera. The ballad version of Rough silenced the entire crowd as everyone were so engrossed to Gfriend’s stunning vocals.

The girls said they were all excited to be in Malaysia for the first time and they even complimented fans in the stadium for being super loud. They also revealed to read the comments on their Instagram account posted by Malaysian Buddies requesting them to come to Malaysia, so they did. After this wish had been granted, they promised to come back to Malaysia again in their next tour.

After years long of waiting, the girls finally made their appearance in Malaysia and perform live in front of their fans. The concert ended with them performing a fan song called Hope that were written by the girls themselves.

As one of the top girl groups in South Korea, Gfriend continues to show different concepts for their fans. There were so many unforgettable moments during GO GO GFRIEND! in Kuala Lumpur. All in all, it was an exciting concert filled with good memories to remember.

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