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Korea is a country brimming with culture and proudly boasts many types of performances such as traditional performances, percussion performances, fusion Gukak (traditional music), martial arts, b-boy shows and much more! Their non-verbal performances are suitable for all ages and nationalities, definitely something that should be added to your bucket list for travel! 

Korea Tourist Organisation (KTO) Malaysia aims to introduce these performances and various other performances to Malaysia and are inviting you to a K-Performance event! It is organised by both Korea Tourist Organisation (KTO) Malaysia and Visit Korea and they are giving away a total of 10,000 tickets through their official travel and ticketing partner: KLOOK, media partner: ASTRO and supporting partners: Malaysia Airlines and Samsung. Stay tuned to their website: https://www.visitkorea.com.my/k-performance-show-2019/ for more details on ticketing. Terms and conditions apply. 

K-Performance Show will be held on the 27th and 28th of July 2019, with two sessions a day (morning and evening) at KLCC Plenary Hall. If you are a Kaki Korea Club member of Visit Korea, stay tuned on the 2nd of July for a limited number of VIP seats scheduled for 27th July 2019 (Evening Session) and grab seats for both family and friends! It is limited until the tickets finish so go fast! A confirmation email will be sent to you if you successfully signed up. 

There will also be a photo contest held during the 2-day event with the grand prizes being a Samsung A30 and Samsung A50. All you have to do is take loads of photos having fun at K Performance Show and share them on Instagram with the following hashtags: #KTOMalaysia, #Iwant2winSamsungA30 & #IwanttowinSamsungA50. Terms and conditions apply. 

The list of performers are as below: 

  1. The Painters: The one and only world’s first art performance, boasting over 1 million audiences yearly. 
  2. Jump: The world’s no.1 martial arts performance comedy.
  3. SACHOOM and EDM: Three friends: Jun, Seon and Bin tell a coming-of-age story through dance. 
  4. T-BIRD: A new rookie KPOP group that recently debuted in March, definitely one to look out for!
  5. VIXX Leo: South Korea singer, member of KPOP group VIXX, songwriter and musical theatre actor. 

The schedule for K Performance Show 2019 are as below: 

27th July (Morning session) 

10:00 AM – Ticket Redemption 

1:00 PM – Show starts

Special Guest – VIXX LEO

27th July (Evening session) 

4:00pm – ticket redemption 

7:00pm – Show starts 

Special Guest: VIXX Leo 

Starlights! Be sure to grab tickets as quickly as possible to catch a special performance by VIXX Leo only on the 27th of July. 

28th July (Morning) 

7:30pm – Ticket redemption 

10:30am – Show starts 

Special Guest – T-BIRD

28th July (Night) 

1:00pm – Ticket redemption 

3:30pm – Show starts 

Special Guest – T-BIRD

Fans of T-BIRD! Be sure to grab these tickets as quickly as possible to catch a special performance by T-BIRD only on the 28th of July and support them! 

What are you waiting for? Head over to VisitKorea’s website for a chance to catch special Korean performances for free! Terms and conditions apply.


KPOP Enthusiast - a CARAT at heart.

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