🇸🇬 Twice Being 9 Always At “Twicelights” in Singapore

TWICE returned back Singapore to hold their 2019 World Tour – “TWICELIGHTS” at Singapore Indoor Stadium on 13th July. It was a full house show as they completely sold out all the tickets. Attracting over 10,000 audiences this year, this marked the third time Twice has visited to Singapore.

Twice opened the show with an energetic rock songs such as “Stuck In Head”, “Cheer Up”and “Touchdown”, making the crowd all hype up shaking of their heads and body. Not to mention, the cheered from ONCEs are deafening.

The girls started to introduce themselves one by one right after the performances. Jihyo mentioned that it’s been a while since they meet Singaporean ONCEs, so they decided to return back here for “Twilights”. Nayeon expressed how much she miss SG ONCEs followed by asking the crowd if they miss her too as well? In our life, there is always two choices “Yes or No” but exceptional for Twice because they continued to perform their hit songs “Yes Or Yes”, “BDZ” and “Like Ooh Ahh!”

They switched to a super stunning outfit for “I Want You Back”, “Knock Knock” and “Dance The Night Away”. With the powerful stage presented by the girls, nothing going to stop ONCEs from cheering for their favourite girls.

ONCEs were so lucky as Twice performed “After Moon” for the very first time in Singapore wearing the gorgeous white dress. Twice was amazed by the beautiful Candy Bong Z and requested the directors to show it on the screen. The girls seemed like a heavenly angels performing “You In My Heart” with all the cellphones torchlight being turned on as part of the fan projects by ONCEs. The ocean was in white all the sudden shone bright like a star.

During the 3 hours concert, Twice transformed the stage into a blazing hot performances such as “Be As One”, “Sunset” “Heart Shaker” and more.

The girls were belted out to perform special stage unit into 3 unit performing “Beyoncé – Dance For You” (Sana, Dahyun and Tzuyu) killed the audience’s eyes with their super sexy dance moves in the red outfit, Momo and Jihyo serenaded with cool concept dancing to “Taemin – Goodbye” and lastly “Lady Gaga – Born This Way” (Nayeon, Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung), they danced just like the song title.

The girls were afraid that ONCEs weren’t like the unit stage that they have prepared. However, we do believe that whatever the girls did on stage, ONCEs will definitely love it.

Twice brought the show down with fan favourite tracks such as “Likey”, “What Is Love”, “Signal”, “TT” and “Fancy”.

The members were all touched and were tearing after the special fan projects VCR was shown on the screen. They had went through a lot of hardship from their debut, past showcases, and concert along with the members and ONCEs. It was not an easy task but we can proudly said they did it. Twice was so thankful to all Singaporean ONCEs for the passion and support toward them. They also said please remember us as 9 member. We’ll make sure to comeback to Singapore again with 9.

Ending the concert with Twice singing “Stuck” beautifully and left a great memories to all ONCEs. It was unfortunate that Mina was unable to attend due to unforeseen health condition. We wish Mina with speedy recovery and rest well. The girls have worked hard showing their charms on stage and it was an unforgettable moment. We hope Twice will be back here very soon with 9.

Photo Credit: Live Nation Singapore

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