🇸🇬 The Limitless Energy of NCT127 for NEO CITY – The Origin in Singapore

NCT127 has successfully ended its first world tour, NEO CITY – The Origin with Singapore being the last stop of their first memorable step on widening NCT’s worldwide explosion. The tour has successfully been held in 10 countries and 26 cities in a total of 37 concerts in a span of 7 months. On July 20th, the concert attracted a flock of 6000 crowds to the Singapore Indoor Stadium to be apart of the SM Entertainment boy group’s last stop for the tour.

Here are what we’re going to miss about NEO CITY – The Origin in Singapore : –


1. Best of the best hits

The setlist for the night consisted of the best release from their debut track, Fire Truck all the way to the latest one, Superhuman. Cherry Bomb being one of the most powerful songs definitely made a good start to kick off the concert but with a more powerful arrangement to emphasize on the concert surroundings.

The show started with an introductory entrance for each of the members being called out prior to the opening stage. Without hesitation, NCTzens gave out their best cheers along with the amazing fireworks hyping the night up. As if it was not clear enough, they rocked the stage with ‘I’m the biggest hit on the stage’ of Cherry Bomb bringing the enthusiastic cheer from each corner of the stadium.

The show continued with Comeback, Limitless and Chain as the opening act before proceeding with the first ment session.

2. Romanticism of 127

With the romantic tracks on the list, the boys portrayed their own charms for Angel and City 127. Comfortably seated with a mic stand for each one of them, they took the chance to portray their brotherhood with hugs and playfulness for the eye candy of NCTzens.

The romance continued with ‘We got each other‘ from Jet Lag which was performed for the first time in Singapore as it was one of the new songs from their latest mini-album, We Are Superhuman.

3. A Getaway with the Vocal Line

Taeil, Jaehyun and Doyoung took over the stage with Timeless. Performing their amazing vocals to the crowd taking them to a different world with their soothingness. Never was it a failure when it comes to this trio with their vocals as it felt as if we were listening to a CD.

With the additional of Jungwoo and Haechan on stage, the mellow stage continues with No Longer that brought the crowd to wave their lightstick slowly along with the slow beat. This stage definitely was able to get NCTzens to tear up as the emotion was portrayed really well to every corner of the stadium.

4. Limitless Energy

Johnny made an appearance for the start of the next segment with his piano interlude entrance. The rest of the members then joined him on stage rocking the English version of Regular in their black-red suit.

Keeping up with the heavy beat, the night goes on with a super-thrilled stage performance of Wake Up. Wake Up is probably the most awaited stage for NCTzens as it features a heavy and jaw-dropped choreography that has been going around a lot via the fancams from the previous concert stops.

Moving on, one of the biggest highlights of the night that cannot be forgotten was the special stage of Taeyong and Mark (feat. Jaehyun) for Mad City. The track consisted of heavy rapping and we can never trust anyone else better than these 2 super talented rappers. NCTzens definitely became monstrous and synchronized well with the beat.

5. Last stop, but not the least fanservice

Singapore might be the last stop, but that may not be the reason for it to be the least one to enjoy. As the concert moved to their encore segment, the boys randomly threw autographed balls and frisbee to every corner of the stadium for the lucky fans to walk home with. Promising fans that they would be coming back to Singapore again, heal the sadness as they’re bidding farewell with the crowd.

The ment goes on with a heartfelt message as they tried to conveyed their thankfulness to every possible individual that made this tour happened since the first day it started till Singapore being the last stop.

We would like to thank ONEProductionSG and LiveNationSG for the media invite.

Writter by ; S.A
Photos by : ONE Production

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