AB6IX Wraps Up Their 1st Fanmeeting In Singapore

The recent hottest new Kpop boyband group, AB6IX was in Singapore last week for their first ever fan meeting <1st ABNEW>. Before the fan meeting, the boys greeted all the member of the media and their fans at an open press conference. ABNEWs (fandom name) were reported to be seen at the venue early in the morning to secure a great spot despite the hot weather. The venue was set on fire with with the arrival of the boys.

During the press conference, AB6IX answered a few questions from the media and ABNEWs. Here are some of the questions asked:

Q: Who find it the hardest to wake up in the morning?
A: Youngmin

Q: Who look at the mirror the most?
A: Everyone pointed at Youngmin but Youngmin pointed at Daehwi and he said I didn’t look at the mirror.

Q: To Youngmin: What is the most memorable moment in Singapore
A: I was too young by that time.

Q: It’s Woong first time visiting Singapore, is there any members recommend foods or places to you?
A: Daehwi recommended me the chilli crab, kaya toast and pandan cake.

Q: Who do you think is the hardest to get close to the group in the beginning?
A: Donghyun

Q: To Daehwi:  You have proposed many songs even before produced Wanna One, where do you get your inspiration?
A: I got my inspiration from my fans. From the love they gave me.

Q: AB6IX debuts with a strong and powerful concept. Any other concept you would like to try?
Daehwi: Maybe next time we would like to try something cute or hip hop.

Q: How do each of you release stress?

Woojin: When I’m really stress, I listen to music in the car
Youngmin: I will watch movie and drama.
Woong: I love to eat

Q: Share us TMI about yourself

Woojin: I did my hair and make up in last minute.
Donghyun: I ate chocolate when I woke up in the morning

Q: Who is the most playful among 5 of you?
A: Woojin


The boys rocked down the stage with the song “Absolute” with their powerful vocal and rap. Woojin was unable to perform on stage with the other members due to his injury but he did sat beside the stage along with the members to show his presence.  AB6IX also performed their latest song “Breathe”, “Hollywood”, “Dance For Two” and “Shinning Stars”.

Singapore ABNEWs were treated with a lot fun by getting to know the boys in different side of ways through quizzes and game segment. It brought a lot of happiness and laughter to all ABNEWs as the boys were all indeed so adorable and playful. There was a segment where the members have the chance to try the “Kaya Toast” if they got the right answer.

As the boys said goodbye to the ABNEWs, Daehwi said he has so much fun in Singapore. Eating chilli crab, meeting the fans and being able to perform at this such big venue. I hope to comeback to Singapore soon.Woojin feel like he has gained energy tonight because he really did enjoy it. Thank you for loving us. Youngmin mentioned my hometown Singapore. We will work hard for ABNEWs and he hope you guys can stay with us. The boys thanked the fans for their passion and love for attending their show. They promised to come back here as soon as they can.

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