🇲🇾 “TWICELIGHTS” in KL: TWICE Returns to Malaysia for 2019 World Tour


After the cancellation of “TWICELAND Fantasy Park” tour in Malaysia last year, Malaysian ONCEs were devasted by the news as it was announced at a very last minute. It took exactly one year of waiting to finally see the stunning nonet come back again for “TWICELIGHTS” World Tour in Malaysia.

“TWICELIGHTS” in Kuala Lumpur was successfully held on Saturday, August 17 at Axiata Arena and it was organised by iME Entertainment.

TWICE’s appearance was highly anticipated by everyone in the crowd when they started to present on the stage. The Candy Bongs were lit and lifted up in the air by ONCEs as the girls started singing the opening songs, Stuck In My Head and Cheer Up (Rock Version). After the opening ended, the girls introduced themselves individually in Malay.


It was revealed by the members that they made the concert more special by showing up in different colours of outfits. This was to portray different atmospheres and vibes to the audience. They first appeared in black outfits, presenting the bold side of TWICE. During the opening, Cheer Up that originally carries cute and joyful beats was performed in a rock version instead. Known to carry multiple hit songs, TWICE continued to sing Yes Or Yes and Dance The Night Away on the stage.


Later, the girls changed their outfits to white dresses.  Their stunning presence was breathtaking, seeing all members could pull off so beautifully in white. Ballad songs were played during this part of the concert and their vocals could be heard clearly echoing the entire arena.

While they were singing Heart Shaker, it stopped after the first minute before special VCR was shown on the screen. TWICE returned to the stage with red daring outfits, challenging the crowd on what they were about to bring to the show. The girls resumed singing Heart Shaker in its original beats.

Of course, performances by units were not forgotten. The girls divided themselves into three units, where they sang and danced to special songs that they specifically chose for “TWICELIGHTS” tour. The first unit consisted of Tzuyu, Dahyun and Sana, slaying a jaw-dropped performance dancing to Beyonce’s Dance For You. Momo and Jihyo created a spectacular show on stage by dancing to Taemin’s Goodbye. Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung and Nayeon finished off the unit performances by singing to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.


The girls did their pre-encore performances singing to the rest of their bop songs: Likey, What Is Love, Like Ooh Ahh, T.T and Fancy. TWICE is famous to have a lot of fanboys in the fandom. It was not surprising to see the majority crowd in Axiata Area was fanboys. This technically made the fanchants became so loud, enough to rock off the venue.

“TWICE QUEST” was a game conducted during the encore intermission for the attendees. It was an interactive game made by TWICE themselves, providing missions to ONCEs through the screen and selecting some fans to complete the mission. It was really entertaining seeing the fans enjoying this fun mission before encore started.


As ONCEs began to shout “Encore! Encore!”, the girls appeared back on the stage performing to Signal. As the song ended, they were abrupted by a fan-project played on the screen. It was a video made by Malaysian ONCEs, showing their happiness and support to TWICE. The video was very nicely made, Nayeon even said that she felt like she was watching a movie. The fan-project followed by fans lifting up the hand banner.

TWICE reacted very emotionally and felt very thankful to the fans. Each member expressed their gratitude and mentioned about the unfortunate event that happened last year. Dahyun cried when it was her turn to give the speech; she mentioned that although Mina was not present, she felt as if she was here together with everyone. The girls felt very happy they were able to make it to Malaysia for this year’s tour. They even promised to come back for the next tour.


Before the concert ends, the encore continued with Knock Knock and Stuck as the final songs. The girls waved their goodbye as the song was ending. “TWICELIGHTS” in KL was a success and everyone in the audience definitely enjoyed every moment shared by the girls. We can’t wait to see what TWICE saves in store for ONCEs and we hope to see them again for another tour next year in Malaysia!

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