🇲🇾”Segno in KL” – NUEST sends their love to Malaysian LOVEs in their 2019 Tour

NUEST was back in KL last weekend as five for their second last stop in their tour, <SEGNO in KL>. LOVEs have been anticipating their return since KWAVE2 and they were definitely not disappointed! NUEST spent the night burning up the stadium, painting the stage in their various colours and of course, spending time with Malaysian LOVEs. Miss NUEST? Here’s a recap of their concert that took place on the 7th of September at Stadium Malawati, organised by iME Entertainment.

The weather for the day was wonderful for LOVEs and many were spotted taking pictures with the various banners and photo corners prepared by the organiser, IME. As the time to meet NUEST grew closer, LOVEs began to queue in their respective zones and waited for NUEST patiently until 6pm. 


Stadium Malawati illuminated by the pinkish glow of Bandit bongs

NUEST opened with one of their sentimental classics, “Hello” dressed in handsome white suits. Hello isn’t completed without Minhyun’s gentle yet iconic “yeoboseyo” in the intro, in which LOVEs responded with hearty and excited cheers.


Hello NUEST! Welcome to Kuala Lumpur

Immediately after “Hello”, the boys went straight to painting the stage with the gentle and groovy beats of “Love Paint”. 

love paint.jpg

NUEST spent the night painting the stage in all sorts of colours!

“Overcome” was next and NUEST drove LOVEs wild with their powerful dancing and vocals. NUEST weren’t the only ones working hard that night for they made LOVEs work just as hard with “Bet Bet”‘s fanchants!

bet bet

Synchronised down to their arms – NUEST worked hard with BET BET 

After a hearty performance of four songs, the boys cooled down and began their respective introductions. JR remarked that: “The weather inside the stadium was hot due to the fan’s support!”. The boys took turns introducing themselves and showing off their knowledge of Bahasa Malaysia with their favourite word being “Terima Kasih”. “Dengan LOVE, kite rasa bahagia.” Baekho mentioned whilst teasing their following stages. 

NUEST began to switch it up with “Look” a funky dance beat along with “Real Love True Love”. Baekho, Aron and Ren remained on stage after the performance, where they had prepared a gift for LOVEs! Aron and Baekho both showed off their Real Love True Love to LOVEs through their irresistible “aegyo” and charms! With that short break, NUEST quickly returned to their powerful performances with “I’m Bad”, which was a bright and colourful stage. 

After the energetic “I’m Bad”, Minhyun and JR mellowed down with a heart fluttering duet, “Daybreak”, colouring the stage blue. Baekho kicks off their solo stages with his emotional ballad, “Thanksful for You”, showcasing his powerful vocals and emotions. 


He is then followed by Minhyun’s ethereal “Universe” that was completed with a breathtaking choreography. 


Ren kicks it up a notch with his powerful stage that burned a passionate red, incorporating cloth as part of the choreography with “Paradise”! 


Aron continues to warm the stage with a jazzy rendition of “Good Love” leaving the audience in a mellow mood. 


Finally, our leader JR completed the solo stages with “I Hate You”, a heated and fiery rock performance with a powerful dance break got LOVEs waving their bandit bongs in sync with the beat!


NUEST is full of surprises for after JR’s rock performance, the trio (consisting of Aron, Minhyun and Baekho) sentimentally poured out their hearts in “A Little Bit More”. Following this sentimental ballad was “ONE KIS2” as well a special gift prepared by NUEST for LOVES, the acoustic rendition of “Lost & Found” that left LOVEs teary eyed. 

The boys then took a short break and continued teasing LOVEs about their upcoming performances which definitely did not fall short of being great! They returned quickly as their bright and funky selves, grooving to the adorable choreography of “VVITH” and “Pretty”. Then, they took us on a trip on memory lane, taking LOVEs by surprise with their debut song “Face”! Following “Face” was the action-packed “Action” where LOVEs were found rocking along to! NUEST then completed this energetic segment with “Beautiful Ghost”. 

“The performance is powerful, isn’t it guys?” Aron asked LOVEs after the quintet of songs. “When you make some noise it makes us put more effort in our performance!”. NUEST took this time to do an energy check with LOVEs, getting LOVEs, from each level to scream as a physical test of LOVEs energy before their final song, “Segno” in which some members mentioned was a representation of their feelings to LOVE. 

In their final VCR, NUEST sent heartfelt handwritten messages featuring their dance practices for this tour as a gift for LOVE before their encore! They kicked off their encore with “A Song For You”, with the members dressed in simple black tees. It was dedicated to LOVEs and we definitely felt the love that night! A Song For You was released on their 7th anniversary and Minhyun described how each member participated in the preparation of the album in order to convey their feelings towards LOVE. 

NUEST concluded <Segno in KL> with L.O.V.E, with each member acting out the letters as their final farewell before they ended with a beautiful bow. 

<Segno in KL> ended on a wonderfully high note. We could feel the energy and passion of both NUEST and LOVEs and hope that they end their tour safely! We hope that NUEST will return soon!


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